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Be With You!

In the 1989 film, "Romero," Raul Julia (who plays the role of the late Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero) states: "I come from a world of books; and there is much to learn in their pages, but I have much else to learn." I can certainly relate to this sentiment. No matter my activities - ministry, research, writing, or teaching - I hold firm in the belief and open in the disposition that I am always able to learn from those I encounter. 

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Anthony's seminal (and latest) work is a book that explores the valuable intersections where the adversities of cancer-affected persons and spiritual theology meet. A cancer survivor himself, as well as a Christian theologian by training and profession, Anthony communicates from a well of deep-life in the Trinitarian God. His book, and the insights contained therein, is for those who have lost loved-ones to cancer, those currently facing their own diagnoses, and those who are survivors. Recommended for lay-persons, academics, clergy, and healthcare professionals alike. 

100% of all proceeds from sales of the book directly benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.

For more information, please contact his publicist --

Hannah Robertson

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