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Worth Holding On To
"You never forget your first love," according to the old adage. Most of us would probably agree that this is true. However: contrary to what would seem reasonable, our first love need not necessarily be the first, second, or even third romantic relationship we've held. Neither must it be the longest one by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, our first love typically 'touches' us, indeed, 'moves' us in an inexplicable way that is unique and different to each person. What causes one person to love so dearly may repulse another and the other way around, but the real measure of the sincerity of this loving is when someone 'imprints' their very memory within your heart. Such was the case in my relationship with Cyrena. She, perhaps even unknowingly, 'imprinted' herself forever in my heart. I'm no celebrity, and neither is she, so our relationship would never be the stuff of tabloids that the masses might ordinarily crave to read, but despite that, I simply had to write down all I remembered from our time together... And, as any true writer does, reflect on the very memories that made up the prose. I wanted these thoughts to be more than merely intangibles; I wanted to be able to physically hold these thoughts in my hands and share them with you. "Why?" you may ask. I can only smile and tell you, "Some memories are Worth Holding On To!" 
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For the Sports Enthusiast


Sport & the Spiritual Life

The "wide world of sports," as it's often called, has quite obviously become a cultural phenomenon. In the United States alone, sports generate more than 400 billion dollars annually. However, for its many athlete-participants, coaches, fans, and investors, it provides much more than monetary value. While some critics see modern sport as somewhat "brutish," sport itself, when played with proper intentions, provides unlimited opportunities for positive human growth, including even that of a spiritual nature. Known perhaps as "the greatest of Christian missionaries," St. Paul, encouraged the faithful to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17 NAB). While his exhortation may seem challenging, participation in sports provide a refreshing opportunity to embrace such a deep spirituality, rather than providing an impediment to it.


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Devotional on St. John's Gospel
Beyond "I Am"

The Gospel according to St. John is, without a doubt, the most unique of the Four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus Christ. Replete with the famous "I AM sayings" of Jesus (e.g.: "I am the Bread of Life;" "I am the Living Water," etc), this Gospel is also more mysterious in tone than those of the 'synoptic Gospels.' St. John provides a deeply theological account of Christ's life, choosing to focus on His humanity, but ever emphasizing His divinity and filial communion with God the Father. Within this work, readers will find themselves able to read the entirety of St. John's Gospel in only 21 days along with guided meditations and the opportunity to add your own meditations in writing as you slowly and prayerfully move "Beyond I Am" into the deeper richness of this Holy Gospel.


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