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Anthony Maranise independently serves as a Consultant in Sport-Spirituality and Sport-Psychology. As an Oblate of the Order of St. Benedict associated with St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama, he has dedicated his life to academic research, writing, and instruction with specializations in the intersection of sports, spirituality, and religion, Catholic Spirituality, and Benedictine Monasticism. Recognized as a Certified Sport Lifestyle Coach by the International Sports Professionals Association, he works to assist student-athletes (at the high school and collegiate levels) in finding a healthy balance amidst their many responsibilities and expectations. 





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Writer & Consultant

2013 - present


Counseled student-athletes regarding the successful balance of life responsibilities on a social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual plane; wrote, researched, and published textbook entitled "Sport & the Spiritual Life: The Integration of Playing & Praying" as well as several academic peer-reviewed articles relating to the intersections of holistic care for athletes and other members of the general population. 

Successfully elevated student-athletes from lower performing GPAs to higher ones; academically advised and schedule-planned courses at the university level for students; enhanced clarity of individuals in existential and personal / spiritual crisis back into normally adjusted living patterns; published a textbook and a devotional prayer-book; published academic peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals; contributed chapter to an international textbook for the professionalization of sports chaplaincy; received certification as a Lifestyle Coach. 

Skills Used 
Interpersonal relationship skills; classroom instruction; quality of life evaluations; mental / emotional clarity evaluations; holistic care; research; documentation; writing; lecturing.



Dean of Mission & Teaching Faculty

​2011 - 2013


Coordinated school-wide religious services and ceremonies for students, faculty, and parents; facilitated academic curricula based in high-level--thought related to Theology & Religious Studies; revised and updated Theological curriculum; designed and implemented School / Student Engagement Plan; Facilitated faculty cohesion and professional development;Instructed students in Religious Studies courses (Scriptural studies; Social Justice; Social and Ethical Theory; Sport-Spirituality; Contemporary Ethics). Counseled students in spiritual matters; those with family; and social difficulties; Worked directly with student athletes to promote social, academic, and athletic performance and balance-structure. 



Founder & Director, Faith Development Program for Athletics

​2006 - 2011


Researched, wrote, and published in academia related to Sport-Spirituality & Sport-Psychology; Instructed students in course specific content related to aforementioned research; Graded, evaluated and assessed students.






Christian Brothers University

2014 - present


​Master of Arts in Catholic Studies (In-Progress)



Christian Brothers University

​2007 - 2011


Bachelor of Arts in Religion & Philosophy; Behavioral Science


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